Seth’s Style BBQ (sandwich)

BBQ that is smoked to mouthwatering perfection that is rubbed down by Seth’s sacred secret butt rub that has been perfected over 12 years. Topped with our Mac&cheese with a 4:1 cheese to noodle ratio. Don’t forget the drizzled sweet sauce on Texas Toast then put in the press for a golden finish.

Shredded Chicken Nachos

This is a recipe handed down from Mama Nash herself. You know you are in for a treat with mama’s cooking! We slow cook Chicken, black beans, corn, & salsa to make one of the best dips for out freshly cut and fried corn chips. Topped with our homemade cucumber pico, 3 cheese blend, & sour cream.

BBQ&Mac Nachos

This dish happened by accident and has become one of our top sellers! You never know what will happen when you visit ATOC_FoodTruck We take out fresh corn chips and top them with Seth’s Smoked Fall Off the Bone Pork, slathered in our mac&cheese, don’t forget our fresh Cucumber pico, sweet sauce, and sour cream.

Blue Cheese Crumble

This burger was around when the food truck was still a dream many conversations with good friends were had over this burger. We cook a 1/3lb. angus burger, topped off with melted swiss & blue cheese, don’t miss those sautéed red onions! Then this combination meets fresh greens, pico, & Seth’s secret sauce on a toasted bun. Your Taste Buds will thank you!